La chatterie des Sphynx

Welcome to the Sphynx Cattery

A MoonStone Jewel is a Sphynx cattery, and was born of an exciting meeting with a quite exceptional cat….

  The Sphynx

I want to share my passion through this site, tell you about the Sphynx breed and introduce our litters of kittens sphynx.

The work of the breeder is exciting, full of pitfalls and mistakes, but also good choices and good results.

Some of our adults are from my very first line, and they represent the very satisfactory result of a selection’s work started 7 years ago.

  • Harmony is the granddaughter  of  Tayler, our first sphynx and allows me to continue to work on my original line.
  • Huguette is the second hope of the cattery, and will also contribute to my selection work, combining beauty, health and absolutely adorable character of the sphynx.
  • Ipnotik is the 3rd offspring of the cattery,  many qualities and good lines, very charismatic, to be followed up …