La chatterie des Sphynx

Sphynx Cattery story

The cattery was born in 2006,

… After the arrival of  Tayler at home, our first sphynx. Tayler is the Christmas gift that I offered to my husband. The thunderbolt was immediate for this special race.

The Hobby quickly turned into passion, it is madatory to support all the constraints related to this activity.

Our cats live in the house, with the family and with our two hairless dogs. The kittens are well socialized, handled with tenderness all day, and they easily adapt to a new family.

The resilience of a cattery requires specific skills and knowledge in the following subjects:

  • hygiene
  • reproduction
  • genetics
  • diet
  • behavior

These skills were confirmed by a certificate in 2008,

2010, the cattery seems on the way.

I am pleased and honored to announce my last birth of 7 June 2010 :

It is time to create an legal small enterprise  as required by french law when people have more than one litter per year. I’m now concerned by this law from now.

This does not change my philosophy, I invested a lot of time and money, I work very seriously, but it is not and will never be my job.

Breeding sphynx is a passion first.