La chatterie des Sphynx


Outcrossing  is a project directly related to the health of the sphynx. The goal is to get new blood, expand the genetic pool and reduce the frequency of the HCM

It is in my long-term plans to make a new line by outcrossing with other breeds to help widen the gene pool.

  • 2010 Outcross programm starts ! 
    • with Lilly a very beautifull furry F2, outcroos of sphynx x old type siamese
  • 2011..Outcross program ends…both kittens of Lilly have health problems. I can not build a new line on bad fundation.
  • Thus is summarized the work of the breeder… restart 100 times if necessary untill you get a good result
  • 2013…come back ?  We have at home a pretty European, Hippie Hannah, it was a baby my daughter rescued in the street, aged barely 15 days at this time. we kept her at home with our sphynxes.  Will she be the founder of a new outcross line?

From Hippie Hannah, mated with Vandvis Dark Moon Dancer, we kept a girl, Ice Cotton, Sphynx outcross F1

From Ice Cotton (sphynx outcross F1) mated with Vandvis I Feel Good, we kept a girl Lovely Cotton Chubaka, Sphynx outcross F2, given to a friend in UK for breeding the next generation (sphynx outcross F3)

Here is this stunning F2 girl