La chatterie des Sphynx

CHI Ikonik (A MoonStone Jewel)

Postée le 6 February 2014 par MoonStone.
  • Born 2013/10/18
  • His colour is White and black harlequin.
  • His eyes are gold
  • Blood = Group A
  • HCM scan clear ,october 08  2015
  • Pedigrée


  • Titles: CHI LOOF (champion International) et SQR N3 (selectionné)
  •           : DGC TICA (Double Grand Champion)

Ikonik is a beautiful kitten with large ears,  beautiful pinch and a small but real chin, pretty lemon-shaped eyes  and a good naked skin. He is a little bit shy and anxious.

Tica Show

Expos LOOF class kitten on April 12, result Excellent1, BIV, BIS, BOB,

Expos Tica 3/6 months, March 15: scoring 816 points through 5 rings including 4 finals (rankings 2nd + 2nd best  kitten all breed, and 2nd + 2nd best kitten short hair)

Congratulations Nikky, I knew you were champion’s seed!

Nikky et son trophée Best Variété

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