La chatterie des Sphynx

The health,

Health is a priority in my breeding program, I do my best to keep all the cats healthy all over the year, especially the kitten.

Adults are heart scanned every year. If the result shows MCH signs, they are neutered, and I warn families who bought a kitten from this line, so they could me more vigilant for their kitten.

Retired who stays at home continues to be scaned every two years. and I ask the families who takes care of other retired to do the same and also send me a copy of the results .

  • Adults are dewormed 2 times per year
  • kittens are dewormed every two months
  • adults are vaccinated annually against typhus and coryza
  • kittens are vaccinated in 2 or 3 shots depending on the context.
  • Any anomaly is shown to my veterinarian.

I give them Lysine from time to time to better fight the common cold that arise sometimes,

Cats are separated by groups, to avoid stress, because stress contributes to cause diseases, and lowers immune system

Kitten and their mother are separated form other adults, untill they are vaccinated.