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Layla (A MoonStone Jewel)

Postée le 9 October 2015 par MoonStone.
  • Born 2014/08/18
  • Her colour is Lilac and White.
  • Her eyes are gold
  • Blood  = Group A
  • HCM scan clear on april 21, 2016
  • Pedigree

Layla is the daughter of Ginny and Feelou, She has great qualities, from mom’ Giny and dad Feelou (a lot). I find her really beautiful. She has a beautifully fleshy body, cobby, beautiful wide and well set ears, short profile with little stop, and even a decent chin.

Unfortunately her skin is rough … it will make her losing points in shows, what a pity, but concerning the overall quality, she should still have very good results.

From the point of view CMH follow up, it is a very well attended lineage from father side, with still negative at an advanced age ancestors. For mom Giny, not too much information, but included in her pedigree there is the same bloodline as our Tayler, MCH negative 8 years.

Layla is a young promising growth. To be continued…

2 commentaires pour “Layla (A MoonStone Jewel)”

  1. bonjour,

    Combien vendez vous cette petite merveille

    Bien cordialement


  2. Bonjour, merci pour ce gentil commentaire.
    Layla n’est pas à vendre, elle reste à la chatterie.

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