La chatterie des Sphynx


I kept hardest for the end… the sphynx secretes much sebum as I mentioned above, and because he has no hair to absorb it he becomes “dirty”.  The sphynx licks itself, like all the other cats, but it is not enough.

Then, it is sometimes necessary to make him undergo a great cleaning.

When should a bath be given to him? Some will say every week, others every month, for me I would say that it depends on the colour of your sphynx… the clear skins are dirtied more quickly than the dark skins… and depends on the pleasure that you take both there…If it is the drudgery, bath him once a year unless you do not wish to do shows!

Between the baths I use a hot wet  washcloth to clean my sphynx.

you can use wet towels for babies in some urgent cases.