La chatterie des Sphynx

Lola (A MoonStone Jewel)

Postée le 30 August 2016 par MoonStone.
  • Born 2015/08/12
  • Her colour is Lilac and White.
  • Her eyes are Aqua
  • Blood  = Group A
  • HCM scan clear on septembre 2016
  • Pedigree

Lola has great qualities, from mom’ Harmony  and dad Feelou (a lot). I find her really beautiful. She has a beautifully fleshy body,  beautiful wide and well set ears, good pitch, litle stop, and even a decent chin.

Unfortunately her skin is not so naked (tail)… and her mother had cut her tail(end of tail) when baby…she can not be shown in judgmenent ;-(

From the point of view CMH follow up, it is a very well attended lineage from father and mother sides, with still negative at an advanced age ancestors.

Lola is a young promising growth. To be continued…

Don’t be affraid with her “bad” mood face, it is only because of photo litghening session ;-) she is a good gorl ;-)

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