La chatterie des Sphynx


The sphynx is a bald cat, or almost bald, because in fact he has a very fine down on the body, and this can vary in degree from naked to fuzzy. Hairs are allowed on the nose, the ears, the feet, the tail, and the scrotum. His nudity does not mean that he is completely free from grooming.  Uur small naked one claims regular care, as much for

  • his own comfort,
  • his aesthetic,
  • and your clothes and home furnitures.

The claws

The first need is to regularly cut the claws. It is better to use Cat nail clippers, which you will find in Petshop. It is important indeed just to trim the tips of the claws, not to cut the pink part of the claw, which would be very painful for your cat.

Try to preserve your sphynx comfort during the task, so try to do it when he is relax, sleepy.

Tricks : I sit down, I lay them on the back, on my knees, slightly between my knees, the head towards me…they do not move… to cut the claws becomes very easy !

The ears

The characteristic of the sphynx, in addition to the absence of hairs, is an abundant secretion of sebum, particularly in the ears. Very quickly if you do not make a regular cleaning, your sphynx will have the ears full of black and dirty things ….which gives a very bad image !

It is thus necessary to regularly take care of your sphynx ears, especially because they are so large and splendid !

For a good cleaning, it is better to buy a Ear Cleanser,  which you will find inany petshop, and Q-tips.

Introduce a little ear cleanser into each ear. This product softens the sebum, disinfects also the ear and leaves a pleasant odor.

Now clean the ear with the Q-tips and  take care not to push the sebum at the bottom of the ears. If the kitten is accustomed very small, he will be calm during the cleaning even if he does not feel an intense satisfaction of it!.

Tricks: A good solution is to have dogs which clean the cat’s ears as mine do !